10 ?’s with Chef Carrie Walters

Carrie Walters is the Corporate Chef for Dorothy Lane Market and is responsible for researching and developing new recipes, menus, and programs. She plays a key role in the  annual Food and Wine Show (which always sells out)  and other special events for DLM. As a food stylist, she has designed in-house food shots for the DLM website, and electronic and print publications, in addition to television commercials and other multimedia venues.  Here she shares some tips to make your holiday cooking easier:

Carrie is an accomplished chef who has been the keynote speaker for many groups, ranging from ten to over 300 people. One of the most  popular instructors at the DLM School of Cooking, Carrie teaches a variety of classes, always with her approachable demeanor, contagious enthusiasm, and interactive teaching style. A classically trained chef, Carrie earned her culinary degree in Seattle.

What is your favorite ingredient to cook with?

I would have to say beef. At DLM we have the best beef in the business. All it needs  is some simple cooking methods and some salt and pepper.

What ingredient do you dread?

Red and Green Bell Peppers. I think they are over used! Yes, their color adds a lot to a dish but their flavor tends to overpower everything else.

What’s your favorite dish to make?

At home with the change of season I like to braise a lot. I make a lot of pot roasts, soups and  anything else with sauce! Another dish I keep coming back to is roast chicken, It makes everyone in my house happy and the leftovers are great!

What’s your favorite pig out food?

Thai and Vietnamese-I love all the fresh clean flavors. I like the combinations of fresh herbs, citrus and chiles. I think I could eat shredded papaya salad everyday and never get sick of it.

What restaurant, other than your own do you like to dine at in the Miami Valley?

I love Linh’s, Akashi, and House of Thai for my Asian fix. I’ll take Meadowlark for lunch any day of the week!

What’s your best advice for home chefs?

Cooking really supposed to be fun and relaxing. Don’t over think or stress about it.  Its all about getting to sit down with people you love and share some food. Make it simple.

If you could invite any 4 guests to a dinner party who would they be and why?

I’d cook for my parents who never got the chance to know me as a grown woman and 2 of my favorites Chef Instructors from my culinary school days. I’d cook some of my Mom’s old favorites with my own twists. All executed, of course,  with the classic skills Chef Hawley and Chef Ruegg taught me.

Who do you look up to in the industry and why?

I really respect both Norman and Calvin Mayne. They let me do what I am good at!  I love being able to wear lots of hats-creating recipes and programs, writing and teaching. DLM is a company that I am proud to represent .

What do you do in the Miami Valley on a day off?

A perfect day would be to take an early hike at either the Gorge or Sugarcreek Reserve  with my family , then maybe do a little shopping at the Greene and then see a movie or a play. Unfortunately the reality of my time off is trying to catching up with all the laundry and running my kids around!

Share a kitchen disaster, lucky break or other interesting story:

We were filming a TV show with Sara Moulton at the School of Cooking  a couple of years ago and one of the dishes were supposed to be a specific type of chicken There was a live audience watching my every move waiting for Sara to show up. Our chickens never made the air flight to Dayton so last minute I had to use solid frozen Cornish hens for the camera. I had to “paint” on some color for the birds to look cooked. I used a concoction of kitchen bouquet, molasses and soy sauce. Even after all that we still had a couple audience members wanting to taste those birds!

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